On 16/05/17 20:02, Cantor, Scott wrote:
I'm not entirely sure about the question you're asking here.  By
autoconf-compatible build files, you're talking about the end result of
configure--the generated Makefiles and headers, or the intermediate
autoconf/make scripts like configure/Makefile.in?

No, the intermediates. People *want*, virtually *demand* the ability to do source builds 
with configure/make/make install and any violation of the norm is just painful for 
anybody using Xerces in their projects together with dozens of other libraries all 
expecting to be built that way. "Different" is bad in this context.

I came across this today, so thought I'd mention it:


This is a "configure" shell script you drop into a CMake-using project to wrap the invocation of cmake with an Autoconf-like shell script, which maps all the standard configure options to the cmake equivalents.

If we every wanted to drop the Autotools to only have one system to maintain, this would provide compatibility with a traditional configure/make/make install workflow. I'm not suggesting doing this at this point in time, just wanted to mention the existence of this solution as a possibility for the future.


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