On 6/29/17, 3:02 PM, "Roger Leigh" <rle...@codelibre.net> wrote:

> The recent trunk changes broke a few of the unit tests.

I don't understand how, other than the ones that are for some reason depending 
on the output of the parameter options for the DOMCount sample. That seems like 
an odd test, but it certainly would have broken.

Since nothing should be actually invoking the sample with the new option, I 
don't know why a new error would be raised in the tests, it defaults to 
behaving the same as before, allowing DTDs.

>Do you need a hand looking at fixing any of these bits?

I don't know any of the tests or even how to run them, so probably.

If the tests can be run locally with an autotools build, I haven't found that 
trick yet.

-- Scott

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