On 29/06/17 20:47, Cantor, Scott wrote:
On 6/29/17, 3:25 PM, "Roger Leigh" <rle...@codelibre.net> wrote:

It's "scripts/sanityTest.pl", a Perl script which runs all the tests,
concatenates their output, and then diffs it with the expected output.
It fails if the output differs or the tests fail prematurely.

Well, I've run that before, and now, and it never works, so I'm still missing 
the trick, that's why I never bothered with them, assumed they were all broken. 
Is there some special directory to be in? Files in place?

Doesn't work on a Mac maybe?

It's broken on (IIRC) FreeBSD and MacOS X.

The reason is a bit odd. These platforms are inserting an extra newline at the end of the output when writing out an XML document (again, IIRC, it's a year since I looked in detail). I think the CMake normalisation of the output to make diff work on Windows (stripping CRLFs) also strips off that last newline, but it would be nice to figure out why it's different on these platforms since it's likely an oversight somewhere, but I've not yet figured out where or why it's happening.


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