> Are there any known remaining issues for the 3.2.0 release?

Nothing known; I didn't have the time I had hoped to get some testing done with 
my application, which I really should do before I ask for a vote but I won't 
hold things up much longer either way.

>  I've tested with various Visual Studio versions and also tested on CentOS 6, 
> CentOS
> 7, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 17.10, MacOS X 10.11 and 10.12 and FreeBSD 11.1
> and it's worked on all of them.  I've also built with Xalan-C on all of
> these platforms, and it works across the board.  Xalan does require
> patching if using a C++11 compiler; I've filed a JIRA ticket with a
> patch for this: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/XALANC-773 .

Thanks very much.

> I've asked about this and cmake on the Xalan list a few times, but I've
> yet to have any response at all on the list or on a JIRA ticket.  Does
> anyone know the current maintenance status of Xalan-C?

I had been under the impression it was in worse shape than Xerces. I don't want 
to be over-dramatic, but it was my impression that if I hadn't been willing to 
dive in in 2015, this project would probably be in fairly bad shape because of 
the open security issues. I don't know who else was going to jump in and fix 
it. I didn't have the time to wait that out.

>  There are a number of outstanding patches which various Linux and other
> distributions are carrying in order to be able to compile which could
> really do with folding into a new release.  If the project is abandoned
> and without a maintainer, is there any process to go through to join the
> project to apply these outstanding patches?

It would be much the same as with Xerces, the difference being the PMC was at 
least still around and responding when I had to jump in, so there wasn't a 
problem getting commit access at the time.

If the PMC itself has gone dead, though, they should be getting attic'd by the 
board, due to missing board reports. So somebody must be keeping it alive, I 
would probably start by just offering to help and if you get no response I 
think your only recourse is to the ASF board.

(I have no exposure to Xalan, so it's not on my list of kittens to rescue, I'm 

-- Scott

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