On 14/10/15 08:02, Danny Navarro wrote:
> Since many interesting conversations related to cabal and hackage
> development happen in the #hackage channel, I wouldn't like to miss
> any of them. Keeping 1 day worth of logs would be fine with me.
> I was about to send a PR [1] to Chris' Done http://ircbrowse.net/, but
> I'd rather have explicit permission before doing so. I'm not sure who
> should I'm ask for though.
> [1]: 
> https://github.com/jdnavarro/ircbrowse/commit/82657f77ea0d2158ae3fd92282d20d9b4e9c95e1

I don't know who you should be asking for permission, if anyone, but I
just noticed that #hackage logs exist already on Phabricator:


So there is some precedent.

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