Hello all!
I upgraded my cabal-install from a dev snapshot of 1.24 to the release
(currently using ghc 8.0 rc4)

One change I'm trying to track down is that my standard editor tooling
(sublime Haskell ) now hangs when there's non empty output in stderr (,
which it would typically parse and present error highlighting with ), and
curiously, when I patched sublime Haskell to use new-build the sublime
Haskell tooling worked like a charm.

I'm hard pressed to understand why there's a difference, and I don't seen
any commits on the cabal packages that should impact this (though to be
fair my earlier rc build of cabal 1.24 was using ghc 7.10.3, but that
doesn't explain why new-build seems to work fine for me )

I've also reported a bug with sublime Haskell, but any upstream wisdom or
ideas would be appreciated
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