Hi Pranit,

On 3 May 2017 at 06:20, Pranit Bauva <pranit.ba...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I am Pranit Bauva and I am interested in participating in the Summer
> of Haskell program to complete the project "Last Mile for `cabal
> new-build`". I have got a few PRs merged[1] and I am now working on
> another one[2]. I have done a GSoC under git last year, so I am quite
> familiar with the whole process.

Great! You are very welcome! This is a really important project,
though the scope is quite a bit larger than one person can
realistically achieve in 3 months, so you'll have to prioritise (we'll
help you with that). You can start by taking a look at issues labeled
"nix-local-build" on the bug tracker:

> [...]
> I am currently looking for mentors to help me with the project. Is
> anybody interested?

Duncan Coutts, as the principal author of new-build, would be the
obvious first choice. However, he seems to be unavailable right now,
but will probably be back before summer. I can also help you with your
project, and I've also spoken to Edward Z. Yang, with whom I believe
you've already had some interaction; he's also open to the idea of
being a mentor or a co-mentor.

Please don't forget to apply before tomorrow's deadline.

Good luck!

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