Looks like a great idea.  

Lots of questions though:

- I think more motivation would be helpful.  E.g. "You are in change
  of the GHC 8.6 release.  Package authors don't want to upload a new
  version of their packages until 8.6 is out, but you still want to 
  smoke-test 8.6 against their packages.  Doing so requires some minor
  changes (version bounds, changes in base-library APIs etc); so you
  want to be able to make these changes in a sandbox that won't hurt
  anyone".      Or something like that.

  Maybe describe other use-cases.  It's *much* easier to evaluate
  a proposal when I'm totally clear what it's for.

- Does a particular build have to use packages from one repo only?
  Or is there something like a "search path"?



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|  Subject: draft proposal on provenance-qualified dependencies
|  Hey all, I mentioned (on the long SLURP thread) that I was thinking
|  about a general proposal for provenance-qualified dependencies to
|  reduce coupling in the haskell ecosystem. Having worked it out a bit,
|  I think the bigger win is it also provides a way to specify
|  dependencies on git repos, etc., which has been an oft-requested
|  feature.
|  I don't want to submit it as an ecosystem proposal proper without
|  further polish, and I held off on bugging a larger audience of cabal
|  folks until the 2.2 branch was cut. So now I'm passing this along for
|  further comment and polish before I make a real proposal:
|  provenance-qualified-
|  imports.rst&
|  28508d5772f6cf2%7C72f988bf86f141af91ab2d7cd011db47%7C1%7C0%7C636545967
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|  1&sdata=cH0gNADmzA%2BTkmXZEDY6lLYUTx2D2KX%2B3T8KO%2FvU86s%3D&reserved=
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|  There's no urgency, but it would be good to get some feedback in the
|  next few weeks if possible.
|  Cheers,
|  Gershom
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