Raketesh hi,

I think I can answer to some of your questions.

First no, Cactus currently does not support J2EE 1.5. In the latest release
Cactus supports up to
J2EE 1.3. Also in the trunk of the cactus source tree only JBoss 3.x is
supported, although I have
tried to integrate Cactus with Cargo. My changes can be found in [1] - you
can checkout the project
have it a try and then report how did it go. The next release of cactus is
still inscheduled, yet. I am trying
to work on it but, lately I haven't had enough time. I suppose that if I
planned everything good enough we
can have our new release of Cactus by the end of the year.

Hope that helps.

Have a nice day.


2007/7/19, rakesh_shete <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

Can anyone let me know about this?

I require this information as soon as possible to decide the next course


Rakesh Shete


Hi Vincent,

My project is currently using EJB 3.0 and JBoss 4.2 GA. I have few queries
regarding using Cactus with this.

Here are my queries:

1.      Does Cactus fully support EJB 3.0 (J2EE 1.5)? The latest release
Cactus version: 1.7.2 is only J2EE 1.3 compliant.
2.      I know that Cargo (http://cargo.codehaus.org
<http://cargo.codehaus.org/> ) is supporting Jboss 4.x container. Has this
been integrated with Cactus so that the <cactus> Ant task can be used with
JBoss 4.x?

a.      If yes could you provide me the details of how can I get a
build of Cactus including the Cargo integration for JBoss 4.x?
b.      If not could you provide me the details of how can I integrate
with the current Cactus release so that I can run the test cases with

3.      When is the next Cactus release with support for JBoss 4.x and EJB
3.0(J2EE 1.5) scheduled?

We require this information since we are not able to test the EJBs and
automate the build to run the test cases.

Rakesh Shete

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