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eric> We are using JBoss 4.2.1 with whatever version of Tomcat it comes with.  I
eric> just applied your patch to the 1.8.0 code, and it works great!

Thank you for the feedback.

eric> Is this a bug in Cactus?  I couldn't find anything in the project's Jira
eric> page, but it'd be great to get this integrated.

I think, it is a fault in Cactus: "not implemented yet".

AFAIK, the client-server protocol for the form-based authentication
have not been specified in detail, so, many possible implementations exist.
It seems that Tomcat changed the implementation
in a way Cactus mishandles the protocol with Tomcat.
I think the new protocol of Tomcat is a possible one,
and issue is in Cactus side.
Kazuhito SUGURI

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