I downloaded jakarta-cactus-src-1.7.1. When I try to compile its throwing an 
error message like      

[iajc] D:\UtilitySoftwares\jakarta-cactus-src-1.7.1\framework\src\java\j2ee
-14\org\apache\cactus\server\PageContextWrapper.java:75 [error] The method getVa
riableResolver() is undefined for the type PageContext
     [iajc] return this.originalPageContext.getVariableResolver();
     [iajc]                                 ^^^^^^^^^^
     [iajc] MessageHolder:  (1 warning)  (11 error)
     [iajc] [error   0]: error at return this.request.getRemotePort();

I have the 2.4 servlet.jar file. Not sure why I am getting this error. Any 


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