Hi Keith,

the short answer is Yes. You should be able to test Filters with Servlet API
We do it in the sample projects that come with Cactus.
What is your Cactus version that you use?
What version of Ant you use?
What is your JVM version and operating System?
Please post your build.xml here to see what is wrong with it.
Also have a look at the Cactus SVN repository - we have sample applications
that execute filter tests, and they work.

Thanks, Petar.

2008/6/4 Keith R. Davis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> All,
> I am using Glassfish V2UR2 and my web application is using version 2.5 of
> the servlet API.  I have basic Cactus servlet tests working, however I
> cannot get filter tests to work.  I think this has to do with the cactifywar
> ant task not adding the filter redirector to the web.xml.  I have one
> defined in the task, but it doesn't show up when the war is cactified.
> The short question, can I test filters with 2.5 of the servlet API?
>  Everything else seems to work fine except filters.  I did see older threads
> on the list that servlets using 2.4 and greater of the API were not
> supported. Has this been updated?
> Finally if I am being an idiot and it is not supported, is there a
> workaround or another tool that can test filters in container with the
> newest servlet APIs.
> Thanks!
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