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Subject: RE: urgent help needed -to run cactus on jboss-4.2.0

First off, I was never able to get cactus to run
out of the box on JBoss 4.2.x.  I had to patch it.
You can see my patch at
My cactus tests ran on other app servers (Orion 2.0.7 and
WebSphere 6.0).  They seem to work pretty well on JBoss 4.2.2
with this patch, but it is definitely a hack.

If anyone has a better way please let me know.

Here are my ant targets.
It's probably more complex than you need.
Hopefully the vars are self-explanatory.
Don't start or stop the server but does test that it is running.

<target name="test.cactus.all" depends="init">
    <antcall target="test.cactus.generic">
        <param name="cactus_test_target" value="test.cactus.junit"/>
        <param name="cactus_test_pattern" value="**/*"/>

<!-- run the Cactus tests (takes ${cactus_test_target} param) -->
<target name="test.cactus.generic" depends="init" description="run the
Cactus tests on the core module">

    <echo>test.cactus.generic: target=${cactus_test_target}</echo>
    <echo>cactusContextURL: ${cactusContextURL}</echo>
    <fail unless="cactus_test_target" message="Missing
cactus_test_target parameter"/>

    <!-- Check if server is running -->
    <delete file="${}/servercheck.txt" />
dest="${}/servercheck.txt" ignoreerrors="yes" />
    <fail message="Cannot connect to

    Start application before running this task.

                <available file="${}/servercheck.txt" />

    <!-- Define the Cactus tasks -->
    <taskdef resource="cactus.tasks">
        <classpath refid="test.jar.path" />

stoptarget="test.server.stop.bogus" testtarget="${cactus_test_target}"

<target name="test.cactus.junit" depends="init">

    <echo>test.cactus.junit: pattern=${cactus_test_pattern}</echo>
    <fail unless="cactus_test_target" message="Missing
cactus_test_target parameter"/>

    <mkdir dir="${}" />
    <junit printsummary="yes" fork="yes">
        <classpath refid="cactus.full.path" />
        <sysproperty key="cactus.contextURL" value="${cactusContextURL}"
        <sysproperty key="" value="${}"
        <sysproperty key="baseDirectory" value="${install.dir}" />

        <formatter type="xml" />

        <batchtest fork="yes" todir="${}">
            <fileset dir="${test.src.web.dir}">
                <include name="${cactus_test_pattern}" />
                <exclude name="**/*" />
            <fileset dir="${}">
                <include name="${cactus_test_pattern}" />

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> Subject: urgent help needed -to run cactus on jboss-4.2.0
> Hi,
>           I want to run cactus test as part of my automation build
> cruisecontrol  ) using ant  on already running jboss-4.2.0. server
> After completing the cactus test i don't want to stop the jboss-4.2.0.
> Please send me the sample ant script code snippet. Cactus test should
> not initiate neither start nor stop the server ,it should just run the
> test alone on running Jboss-4.2.0
> Thanks
> Kumaran

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