For egress, setting DSCP field should work.

iptables -> wan egress -> cake

But is it possible to set DSCP to 0x0 after cake's classification? i
do not know how ISP handle non-zero DSCP, there seems to be no
standard for this.

For ingress, DSCP field may not be set by network peer at all, and i
have multiple LAN interfaces

AFAIK, the order is "wan ingress -> ifb egress -> cake -> iptables"

The trick of setting DSCP by iptables do not work because cake comes first

On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 3:26 PM, Jonathan Morton <> wrote:
>> On 12 Oct, 2016, at 08:52, ching lu <> wrote:
>> I deprioritize bittorrent traffic by marking related connections in
>> iptables (e.g. detect by port number) and route them to corresponding
>> HTB class and qdisc.
>> How can i archive the same goal using the cake qdisc?
> Modify your iptables rules to set the DSCP rather than a kernel-internal 
> mark.  You probably want "-j DSCP —set-dscp-class CS1”, as CS1 is the “bulk 
> low priority” code.  Cake’s default Diffserv mode will pick that up 
> appropriately.
> You also need to make sure Cake sees your packets *after* they’ve been 
> through the firewall, which generally means attaching it to the egress port 
> in each direction, not the ingress port.  You’ve probably already done this, 
> if you’re happy with your HTB setup.
> If you have multiple LAN interfaces (eg, both Ethernet and wifi), you should 
> loop the inbound traffic through a common IFB device (and attach Cake to that 
> instead of the physical interfaces) to simplify configuration.
>  - Jonathan Morton
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