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Cake offers three relevant per-IP "isolation" options, dual-srchost, 
dual-dsthost, and triple-isolate. The dual options are relatively 
straightforward, they promise to separate by either SRC or DST up address of 
the packets, allowing easy prediction what they should do to a given set of 
flows between internal and external machines. They for example allow to set up 
either fairness by external IP addresses or what commonly seems to be wanted 
fairness by internal IP addresses. BUT to work correctly one needs to configure 
the correct directionality for ingress and egress. Triple-isolate promises to 
do something in-between per-internal-IP and per-internal-IP fairness making it 
possible to forego having to configure the right "direction" into the shaper. 
The goal making it easier for the user to get a reasonable, albeit not perfect, 
fairness guarantee is surely laudable; what I so far have not seen is a top 
level description what it does exactly and data showing that it DTRT.

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