In general, I'd say to prepare mostly the same easiness-level of dances, mostly 
different dances, a repeat of whatever the most popular dance was, and have a 
couple slightly more challenging ones - with progression, etc - up your sleeve 
but without any emotional investment in actually using them.

Expect very little to carry over to a second dance five months later.  Maybe 
more facility in getting  lined up, but also (if you're lucky) they'll bring 
friends with no experience.

-- Alan

On 10/24/18 10:25 AM, Allison Jonjak via Callers wrote:
Hi all,

I hail from a rural area with no nearby dance communities. This June I held a 
free community barn dance, featuring lots of Linda Leslie's "very easy dances". 
 Through the magic of newspapers I was able to connect with a string band, and 
we had about 25 dancers, lots of whom left their email addresses 'so you can 
invite us again next time.'

I'll head home for the holidays, the band is willing and the hall is willing, 
so I'm planning to host another dance. The question is: should I prepare
-the same dances
-the same easiness-level of dances, but different actual dances
-a dance or two that uses progressions?

The dancers in June learned very quickly, and aced the proto-progressions in 
both Jefferson & Liberty, and Peak Bagger.

How much of that practice in June do I expect to carry forward to November?   
Here was the program I wound up calling, , 
pardon that the calling notes are mixed in with my followup notes. Here were 
the dances I had prepared:

Thanks all in advance for your help!

Allison Jonjak, M.S., E.I.T.<><>

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