Thanks for your answers.  They were exactly on target at addressing the spirit 
of my questions and were quite informative.

Thanks for clarifying that the issue about Mad Scatter was anxiety about not 
finding new partners, and not about anyone being fixated on some idea like "I 
want to do the last [set] dance with my favorite partner, darn it!"  I presume 
the lost and (not?) found issue was largely a result of people making large 
"blobs".  Not only is it more likely for people in a big blob not to naturally 
pair up, but it's even possible that someone looking for a partner could more 
readily grab another leftover person from an adjacent group than find the one 
on the far side of their own group.  Then the remaining non-partnered people 
could be quite far apart.  One of them might even give up and sit down.  Etc.  
And how could you have even guessed that it might be useful to teach strategies 
for coping with the situation if you didn't anticipate the big blobs in the 
first place?

Best of luck with your next dance.


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