Hi all. I'm heading in to Boston this weekend to call a double bill for
BIDA -- family dance for an hour, then potluck, then the regular Sunday

It's intergenerational, leans young/collegiate, uses "Larks/Ravens" (just
found this out) and is in general all things hip.

I am staring at my cards and feeling... Ralph Page-y. Out of date.
Wayyyy too many proper dances. Not enough "cool moves".

Old fashioned.

Help me?

What's your current dance that adapts well to gender-role-free, has an
interesting "hook", isn't too hard, keeps everyone moving, and in general
comes across as "cool"?

Low mental piece count, but interesting pieces?

Contras, sicilians, circles all welcome. Also links to any past threads on
here w/ a similar focus.

I'm going to go drink my Postum.

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