On Tue, 20 Nov 2018 16:34:08 -0500, Michael Dyck via Callers wrote:
> Just curious: which word does "English" attach to? I.e., is it:
>     an English association for callers of dance or
>     an association for English callers of dance or
>     an association for callers of English dance ?

A fair question!

It's predominantly an English association, though Judith De Witt is American 
and Hazel Moir is Welsh.

It's aimed at callers in dance clubs in England, who may or may not be English 
- at The Round in Cambridge we've recently had 
American, Dutch, German and probably other nationalities of caller.

It's not English dance as North Americans conceive it.  Callers at dance clubs 
in England may call Playford-style, traditional 
English (ceilidh) style, Scottish, Welsh, International, American Squares and 

Colin Hume
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