I have been using "Circulate" as the call, after seeing that people got the
general idea of the figure during teaching. I have always liked this
technique borrowed from another caller (I forget who now...) for teaching
purposes: During the walk-through (after seeing that people have gotten
into the correct positions to begin the box circulate from the previous
figure - for example "men facing out, ladies facing in" in long wavy lines)
I give this "rule":
(after balancing):
When you are facing into the set, you will walk straight across (to the
other line), and take hands with those looping to face you.
When you are facing out of the set, you will loop over your right shoulder
taking hands with the people coming towards you, (on the same side) in a
wavy line.

I have avoided calling different roles, like "Gents cross, ladies loop",
and the dancers seemed to get the "face in means cross", "face out means
turn to the right to face in on the same side"  When I taught this to a
less experienced group of dancers, they all got it, and also noticed on
their own that they had sort of a shadow, and said they liked realizing
that they were heading toward a familiar face to rejoin hands.
I think the best part of a box circulate dance is when one partner is
approaching another as they are turning to go into a balance and swing, as
most of them do.

Valerie Cohen

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I'm planning to call a dance with a box circulate, for the first time, and
got to thinking, how do you call it during the dance? Do you use the actual
word "circulate"? That seems clunky to me.I can think of lots of possible
alternatives, but was wondering if there's a word that is commonly used.

For context, I'll be calling this for a group that has for the most part
never done a box circulate. (And while we're at it, if you have any tips
for teaching the box circulate, I'd be glad to hear those as well!).

Thanks so much,
Lenore Frigo
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