Hi, back to close the loop on this one. Thanks for the helpful replies here
- I also posted this to the "Rising Callers..." group on Facebook and got
several suggestions there as well:

Alan Prince Winston's HEYLOFT and HEY, HEY IN THE HAYLOFT
Flashy Sorrell Mare by Rich Goss
Blackbirds of Spring by Al Olson
Pat Shaw's Walpole Cottage

and several ECD dances.

I ended up using Proofreader's Triplet (I wanted to avoid the risk of
people getting lost beyond the minor set in a dance with the Heys on the
side). One group in the hall had difficulty with that dance but I now know
what to stress to help avoid how they got confused. It set the stage well
for what I wanted to try later, which was this:


A1 Neighbor Balance & Swing

A2 LLF&B, 1s Swing
[face NEW 2s below] [NOTE this NBR!]

B1 Dolphin Hey, Centers/1s as couple passing solo LDY/RVN 2 by LEFT
[end with Centers facing down, Outsides facing UP]

1s in Center DTH, Turn as CPL /*WHILE*/ 2s Outside UTH, Turn Alone
As Return, 1s Cross Trail back to “Hey” NBR &…

Full details, video link, etc. at http://veino.com/blog/?p=2260
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