Interesting - just a few moments ago I read a facebook post relating Chart
Guthrie having written a similar theme/title dance, but without any
choreography details other than there being leaps across the set. The post
was from the musician perspective, here's the video of how they chose to
match the motion: .

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> So asking one of the most asked questions on this list? *"Anyone seen
> this dance before?"* It came to me as I was preparing for the Norwich, VT
> dance and I called it last night. Thanks!
> *Spring Forward** – Impr. contra **(double progresssion)*
> *A1:  Neighbor B & S*
> *A2:  Ladies Ch across; Ladies Ch back*
> *B1:  Long Lines F & B; 1s swing **(end facing **down)*
> *B2:  **(with new neighbors)** Circle Clockwise 1 full hour; Bal. the
> ring and Spring forward to next*
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