The winner of the Neffa 75th Contra Choreography Contest is Diamonds Are For 
Neffa, written by Chris Page. The judges feel that his dance has good flow, is 
suitable for the NEFFA audience, and includes very NEFFA-appropriate inter-set 
allemandes and a celebratory diamond. Even the title is clever. We honor Chris 
for this wonderful contribution to the NEFFA tradition. Congratulations!

Thanks to the many people who submitted dances. There were 21 entries, with 
only one repetition of title (Diamond Jubilee). Bob Isaacs and I had fun trying 
out the dances in various parts of the country. Choreography for all of the 
submissions will be posted after the Festival.

Bob will call the winning dance at the Festival’s 75th Dance Bash on Saturday, 
April 13.  We hope that many of you will be there to help us celebrate.

Many thanks,

Lisa Greenleaf 
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