Hi All,

Here's an offer from a packrat, finally cleaning out my old dance archives. Rather than discard them for paper recycling, it would be great to hand-off these materials to someone with an interest. All are periodicals.

CDSS News - I have a whole box of these. I think the collection is mostly complete from late 1970s up to 20-teens. Full of amazing articles, photos, dances, and history.

Country Dance & Song - I think this was an annual publication for CDSS, with in-depth articles on a range of subjects (Abbott's Bromley, historic dance reconstruction, sword dance choreography, etc.). This collection is just one modest shopping bag.

American Squares and The Folk Dancer - These periodicals were inherited from an older caller - I think mostly from 1950s. This, too, is just one modest shopping bag.

Please contact me off-list if you are interested. I'd love to hand these off this weekend at NEFFA if possible ! -- Scott Higgs -- scottATscotthiggsDOTcom

Take care,


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