John Sweeney wrote (back in June):

Hi Linda,
        Re your Box ‘n’ Swat:  I have a somewhat similar dance in my files:

Circle Mixers Are Fun (by Tony Parkes)

A1)     Into the Middle & Back x 2

A2)     Partner Right Hand: Balance & Box the Gnat; Partner Dosido

B1)     Partner Left Hand: Balance & Swat the Flea; Partner Seesaw (Left 
Shoulder Dosido) 1 & 1/2 to meet your New Partner

B2)     New Partner Balance (OR Gypsy) & Swing

        Note that your sequence of Swat the Flea into Dosido involves passing 
by the right when you are holding left hands.  Tony’s sequences above allow 
much easier flow and connection as you can pull past with the connected hand.

And Linda Mrosko wrote:

> …thanks for sharing Tony’s dance. I don’t remember ever seeing it before.

The right name of that sequence is “May Day Mixer”; I wrote it in April 1990, 
presumably for a May Day event. It appears in my collection _Son of Shadrack 
and other dances_, available at<>.

Tony Parkes
Billerica, Mass.<>
New book! Square Dance Calling: An Old Art for a New Century
(to be published real soon)

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