Hi all,

I know there is a musicians' list, but as a caller I'm not on it — and I 
thought some of you multitalented folk might still be able to answer this 

We have (it's not mine, so please forgive all inaccuracies in this description) 
a 50-yr-old Gibson acoustic guitar in need of repair: the nut broke, and it 
could use some new frets. The instrument in question has significant 
sentimental value as well as other sorts of value and so we're looking for a 
trustworthy person to repair it -- someone not too terribly far from the North 
Fork of Long Island, if possible (anywhere in Suffolk County would be good; 
either of the Forks or Riverheadish would be great).


Louise Siddons
Temporarily of Cutchogue, NY! But usually from Stillwater, OK. 
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