I am an example of someone who gradually left a dance community partly because 
of what I saw as offensive lyrics in singing calls….. When my wife and I were 
dancing modern western squares in the late 1980s, in Ohio, many callers were 
using contemporary pop and country songs for their singing calls.  Maybe they 
still do.  One of the reasons we left MWSD after a few years was their choice 
of country songs for their singing calls (which were about half the dances 
called in a typical evening).  I particularly remember cringing at use of Hank 
Williams Junior’s song “If the South Woulda Won the War”, which argues that if 
that had happened we wouldn’t have the social problems we have now (or had in 
the late ‘80s).    Not to belittle the concerns that others have brought up, 
but there are (or were) a lot more offensive songs available — at least 
offensive to me — than have been mentioned here.  And I am at least half a 
southerner myself…. 

I'd make my Supreme Court down in Texas,
And we wouldn't have no killers gettin'off free.
If they were proven guilty, then they would swing quickly,
Instead of writin' books and smilin' on T.V.
We'd all learn Cajun cookin in Louisiana,
And I'd put that capitol back in Alabama.
We'd put Florida on the right track 'cause, we'd take Miami back,
And throw all them pushers in the slammer.

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Richard Hopkins


Richard Hopkins


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