On 4/1/2018 10:32 AM, Alexandra Deis-Lauby via Callers wrote:
Does anyone call Chris Weiler’s baridhara?
What kind of music do you ask for? And tempo?

Here’s the dance. Thanks!

Baridhara Improper Chris Weiler

A1 Star Right; Neighbor Gypsy

A2 Circle Single File Left Half (still looking at Neighbor Women lead) (4) Neighbor Gypsy (some more) (4); Neighbor Swing

B1 Give & Take: Women pull Partner back

B2 Women Chain; Star Left

I looked up the dance online, and on Chris's website (http://caller.chrisweiler.ws/dances.htm#baridhara) he links to the tune by Ian Morrison that the dance was written to go with. So that one seems like a good starting place :>) I like those flowy contras a lot and this one looks nice. Those who've called or danced it, how does this one feel on the floor? Seems like you'd want to keep the tempo moderate.

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