Anyone know who wrote late in the evening? 
A1 n balance and box the gnat, mad robin 
A2 g cross, p swing 
B1 g all left 1.5, n s 
B2 int sq thru 4 

And either name or author for 
A1 n b and s 
A2 pass the ocean, balance, walk forward, left shoulder round the previous back 
to original neighbors with gents in middle of wave
B1 balance waive, gents all L 1/2, p s 
B2 circle l 3/4 pass thru next neighbor dsd 

A1 short wavy line across.  Bal r,l all r 3/4 to long waves. Bal l, r, all l 
with previous 3/4 to short waves 
A2 bal r and back, walk forward original  n s! 
B1 w all r 1.5, p s 
B2 circle 3/4 bal ring, pass thru up and down to wave of 4

Thanks in advance! 


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