Second sentence third paragraph should be pass Lady TWO by the right. 
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A dolphin hey is used in English dances and, like the Mad Robin and pousette, 
is creeping into contra repertoire.
It's a hey for THREE rather than for four, with one couple acting as a unit. 
The initiating couple in this case are the ones. With Gent 1 in the lead, BOTH 
1s pass Lady 1 by the right (she crosses the set to pass her partner by the 
left). Gent 1 and Lady 1 pivot 180° which puts Lady 1 in the lead. She leads 
her partner across the set, passing Gent 2 by the left. The 1s again pivot and 
come back into the center of the set passing Lady 1 by the right and Gent 2 by 
the left. 
An excellent video can be found on the website. 
Click on ECD and then search for Sapphire Sea, from which I shamelessly stole 
the set up. Pick the one with the asterisk. Watch the Gent in the vest and note 
that he is always closer to the curtains than his partner (in black) who is 
always closer to the center of the room. In my dance the genders are reversed, 
but the rule is the same. The dolphins change who is in the lead WITHOUT 
changing places. They turn in tandem. The best way to learn is to dance it, of 
course. But I hope this helps. 
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This has me intrigued….   
But I don’t know what a “dolphin hey” is or how to teach ….. additional help 
appreciated.    Thanks - Cheryl

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We danced this one last weekend, and it works quite well, even if the "dolphin" 
couple doesn't quite get the "switch leads without switching places" bit.  As 
long as they wind up in the center, it works.  

Passion for Dolphins

A1      Down the hall, 1s in the middle. Turn alone, come back, end with all 
facing Lady 2.

A2      Full dolphin hey by the 1s, starts with Gent 1 passing Lady 2 by the 

B1      Ones swing in the middle of the set (8) (end facing down) and roll out 
to swing N (8) (progression).

B2      LL F/B.  2s (below) gate their new ones about 1.25, to a new line 
facing down. 

April Blum
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