Perpetual Emotion - self titled (awesome contra dance tracks but not trad
music. If you want Zen trance dancing, this is the one to get. The phrasing
is not always obvious, though, so new dancers won't get as many clues as
the music of other bands as to the As & Bs. Ed and John made a great
pairing)   Only $10 to download! Great

The Old Sod Band - Grass Roots (our very talented house band in Ottawa.
Great trad tunes/arrangements. Still going strong! Calling with them in 2
weeks.) Typically longer tracks of 6-7 minutes

hotpoint String Band - hotpoint Special (different twist on trad)   $10!

Giant robot Dance - spontaneous animation (though this seems to be live
tracks with the calling muted - longer tracks as a result)

Brittany Bay - spirit of the dance (best choice for spirited trad tunes
with terrific, varied arrangements) I bought through their website several
years ago. Typically, 3 tunes per medley, 3 times through each tune = 4+1/2
minutes per track, generally.

KGB - Volga Notions (I'll second this choice but check out their other
albums as well. Not "driving" but great to dance to with a variety of
moods. Many original tunes or original twists on trad tunes)

Elsewhere - find several very danceable tracks on various Lunasa CDs
(totally awesome band. but listen through to make sure they don't slip in
an extra measure/beat here or there in the tunes you select)
e.g.    sample: Meitheamh
(live recording, driving and danceable right through!)   but there are many
other tunes. A wonderful band ranging from absolutely "driving" to
melodically romantic.

Ken Panton
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