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> Looking for dance ideas. Either with May or '5' idea in title. Thanks!

The Fifth of May - Bernard Chalk

Longways duple          32 bar jigs

A1:     Right-hand star.  First corners right-hand turn half-way, continue 
outside neighbour, home.

A2:     Cross right, left round partner, home.  Left-hand star.

B1:     Second corners left-hand turn half-way, continue outside neighbour, 
home.  Cross left, right round partner, home.

B2:     Circle left.  Circle right half; two-hand turn partner half.

Originally danced to jigs, this was the first dance performed by English 
Miscellany - Bernard was briefly their first director.  
It has been published (wrongly notated) set to rants.

The 29th of May - Playford
Now is the Month of Maying - Jenny Beer
The Bunch of Fives - Colin Hume

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