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I don’t know if anyone can help me, but this is worth a shot. I recently viewed a video of a dance on youtube called by Will Mentor, at the Atlanta dance weekend,  but I cannot find a name for it, and am struggling to get the full notation for it. I have attached the link for the dance below and any help  would be appreciated!

It looks like the sequence is:

  duple minor, 1s improper
  A1  N allemande R
      hey 1/2 (W pass L to start)
      N allemande R
  A2  hey 1/2 (M pass L to start)
      N swing
  B1  circle L 3/4
      P swing
  B2  W chain
      L-hand star

but I don't know the title+author.

Presumably Will would know, but he hasn't appeared here recently.
I've sent him an email.


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