Hi, Claire,

My favorite dance to pair with the tune "Wizard's Walk" is "Bev's Becket"
by Cary Ravitz: http://www.dance.ravitz.us/#bb.  I find that the hey in A2
pairs well with the musical buildup in that phrase and that the balance at
the top of B1 pairs well with the musical explosion at the top of that

Dugan Murphy
Portland, Maine
dugan at duganmurphy.com

> From: Claire Takemori <c...@mac.com>
> Subject: [Callers] easy dance to Wizard's walk ?
> Does someone have dance choreography for an easy contra that goes well
> with Wizard?s walk tune?
> I know there was a ?Grumpy? longways family dance written to go with it.
> Thanks !
> Claire Takemori
> SF Bay Area
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