I need some advice. My wireless mic (Shure PGx2) has finally died - a problem 
with the on/off switch. I sent it to Shure but they said it was was too old to 
repair. Rather than buying through a cheap online site like I did last time, 
which might be why it seems to have broken and gone out of date so quickly, I 
went to the Shure website to look at new ones. Two that seem to look a lot like 
my old one are below. Can anyone recommend which might be better for calling, 
or another handheld wireless mic that you’d recommend more?

BLX The ideal entry-level wireless microphone system for small venues, BLX 
offers professional quality sound with simple setup and an intuitive interface. 
- Transmitter form factors include handheld (customizable at 
designstudio.shure.com), bodypack, headworn, lavalier, instrument clip-on, and 
- Single-channel, dual-channel, and rack mount receiver options available
- Powered with AA batteries
- Offers a 24 MHz tuning bandwidth and up to 12 compatible systems per 
frequency band (region dependent)

PGX-D Digital offers wireless audio that sounds like wired, rock-solid RF 
performance, and simple setup and operation for small clubs and venues.  $349
Transmitter form factors include handheld, lavalier, headworn, bodypack, and 
instrument clip-on
Powered with AA batteries
Operates in the 900 MHz frequency band
Up to 5 systems can be used simultaneously

Thanks for any advice you have!


Delia Clark
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