Never mind on the option A question below. I'm embarrassed to realize I
didn't diagram enough of the dancers to catch my error in it only working
for 50% of the couples.

On Fri, Apr 13, 2018, 4:37 PM Don Veino <> wrote:

> Had a recent inspiration on a couple of Butterfly Whirl sequences -
> looking for input on a few questions/options... opinions welcome!
> Thanks,
> Don
> Butterfly DRAFT 20180410.1 - 4 Face 4 - Don Veino
> A1 LLF&B, Circle/8 RIGHT 1/2x
> A2 Circle/4 Left 3/4x, Opposite N Swing [at Gent’s progressed home]
> B1 (option A) Gents Star Left ~3/4x (to P)
> P Star Promenade 1/4x [all at progressed home], Butterfly Whirl to face
> center
>  (option B) Opposite Gents Allemande Left 1+1/2x (to P)
> P Star Promenade 1/2x [w/in opp. 4; to all at progr. home], Butterfly
> Whirl to face up/down
> B2 (option A) Ladies Star Right 1x (to P), P Swing & face progression
>  (option B) Opposite Ladies Allemande Right 1x (to P), P Swing & face
> progression
> Questions:
> - Option A, IMO, is more of a "real" 4 facing 4 - but I'm uncertain if the
> timing will work? (Option B = bog standard timing.)
> - Is there a strong argument for one option vs. the other - will dancers
> care if the majority of the action is in 2-couple groups with opposites
> rather than involving all 4 couples?
> - Will there be a significant space problem when all 4 couples pass
> through the center in B1 option B?
> Butterfly DRAFT 20180410.2 - DI - Don Veino
> A1 N Balance & Swing
> A2 Gents Allemande Left 1+1/2x (Ladies left arm over P’s right as picked
> up),
> P Star Promenade 1/2x, Butterfly Whirl CCW along set to next Ns*, stay
> connected with P
> B1 Ladies Catch RH, Star Promenade P 1/2x CW, Butterfly Whirl CW into P
> Swing [on L’s home side]
> B2 Ladies Chain, Half Hey (back to THIS N...)
> End effects: re-enter in Butterfly hold with P (where/how depends upon
> answer below)
> *Question: I believe the butterfly shift could progress this dance forward
> (whirl shift to right as face out) or reverse (shift left). I believe
> reverse progression would flow/feel slightly better but forward progression
> could be less confusing to dancers - which would be best?
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