Hello all - I have two dances I've been calling of late, and wanted to verify 
they are both original to the best of our collective knowledge. Both have been 
satisfying to call and dance, so I also wanted to share them in the hopes that 
others might want to call either or both. I'm not including instructions for 
the Zia dance - there are already general instructions in Shared Weight for Zia 
set up and calling tips. Thanks, Chuck

X, Y, and Zia (Zia formation, double progression)                Chuck Abell 

A1 -     Into the middle and back (8)
Balance the ring/square, circle left four steps (8)
A2 -     Bal the ring/square, w/ partner California Twirl (8)
New N swing on side (8)

B1 -     Give right to partner, balance square through past two (8)
             Give right to partner, balance square through past two (8)
B2 -     P bal and swing in middle, face new N (16)

Caller’s Delight (Becket)                                                 Chuck 
Abell 2/18

A1      Bal ring, pass through across and turn alone (8)
           RHS (right hand star) 1x to long wavy line, gents face out (8)
A2      Bal, box circulate 1x (8)
           N swing (8)

B1       On left diagonal ladies chain, make ring (8)
            Bal ring, PT to ocean wave (8)
B2       Bal wave, all walk fwd (8)
            P swing (8)
                      w/ same N…

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