>Yoyo Zhou
 Tue, 12 Mar 2013 16:19:18 -0400 (EDT)

>Thanks, all. I've found that the first dance (? 1), as I noted it, isn't in
>any of your collections, because it doesn't work:

This is an old thread, but I was searching for an easy introduction to an
alle/orbit figure and landed on it.

I have made a fix to Yoyo's original transcription that, as he described,
resulted in couples swapping sides and, my guess, cycling back and forth
within one place of the starting point forever!

The fixed dance is as follows and has a CCW progression. I swapped a LL for
the R/L and juggled a figure here or there in A. the only hiccup is the
slight grinding of gears (i.e. reverse of momentum) for the ladies
transitioning from a swing to a chain (but not a biggie and it occurs often
in the repertoire).



*LL F & B*


*Gents alle L 1.5*



*N Swing*


*Ladies Chain*



*Cir L 3/4; pass thru*


*New ladies alle L 1.0*

*Gents orbit CW*



*P Bal & Sw*

I've discovered this is very similar to Cary Ravitz's "Amy's Harmonium"
leading me to think that Yoyo might have had that dance in mind.


*A1* LLFB (partners roll away w/half sashay on the way back)
Gents allemande right 1 3/4 8
*A2* Neighbor balance and swing 8
*B1* Ladies chain across
Circle left 3/4, Pass thru (up/down) to new couple 8
*B2* Ladies alle lt 1x while Gents orbit 1/2 CW(left)
Partner swing
I like Cary's better for flow (his balance/no balance swings are a better
fit) BUT the roll-away is an extra thing to throw off novices. On the other
hand, there's no reason that, in the first version, partners couldn't flow
right into a 16 beat swing (or dancers' choice), foregoing the balance.
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