Title: Pam and Lalah and Bruce and Seth's Reel, or more simply,

Formation: duple minor, double progression Becket
Author: Seth Tepfer
Composed: 11/23/2002
A1: (4) In a ring Balance, (4) Petronella Twirl; (8) Neighbor Swing
A2: (4) In a ring Balance, (4) Petronella Twirl; (8) Partner Swing
B1: (8) on the left diagonal, right and left through (or, for a zestier dance, 
ladies start 1/2 hey for four passing right shoulder); (8) Across set (with new 
couple) ladies start right shoulder 1/2 hey for four
B2: (4) Balance Partner; (12) Swing Partner
Notes:  Two partner swings. Going from a petronella twirl into a swing is very 
smooth, if you do not stop to double clap.

In B1, when using the zesty variation and transitioning from one hey to next, 
pass left shoulder with partner (at practically the same time that women are 
passing right shoulders). When out, don't go anywhere, a couple will be there 
momentarily to hey across the set with you.

This is a variant of the dance by ?Ted Hodapp? "Rick and Sara's Reel" which is 
a variant of another dance with a title in the form of "somebody and somebody's 


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Hey folks,

For REASONS, I'm in search of dances with more than one partner swing -- 
preferably one of which is a balance and swing. Thoughts?



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