Here's a double neighbor swing:

Naked in California  (previously No Name Dance)              
  Duple Improper Contra by Nils Fredland, NH
                  Two N Swg (same N)
  A1:  (8) LL Fwd & Bck
         (8) N Swg
  A2:  (4) Ladies Al R 1/2x across to P
          (4) P Al L 3/4x to Shadow
               Shadow = (the first person you would Al Rt w/ facing up & Dwn)
         (8) Shadow Al R 1.5x to long wavy lines up & down
              Gents face IN; Ladies face OUT
  B1:  (4) Long Wavy Lines Bal Rt, Left
         (4)  Slide or twirl Rt, (ROM) into P’s arms  
         (8) P Swg
  B2:  (6) Cir L 3/4x
         (10) N Swg (same N as Swg in A1)
See ya,
Dan Black

    On Tuesday, May 1, 2018, 3:48:22 PM EDT, Maia McCormick via Callers 
<> wrote:  
 Hey folks,
For REASONS, I'm in search of dances with more than one partner swing -- 
preferably one of which is a balance and swing. Thoughts?
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