Hullo Jeremy,

1. Hit up the Contra Sound Forum for advice. Callers are nicely tolerated, actually welcomed. A great place to ask about such things as monitors, wireless mics, etc. from sound engineers whether pro or super experienced amateurs.

2. Bob Mills book All Mixed Up is a fab resource for understanding many sound reinforcement tasks. It is, by design, comprehensive enough yet basic, so may not address every nuance one is interested in. Great place to start though.

One might search it (or any other site) using by entering such as:


3. My experience regarding monitors is the band does not wish to hear the caller. Not in _their_ monitor(s) at any rate (why you picked up your own no doubt.) So, even with a separate one why should they get blasted by that of the caller?

So consider a position that directs it toward one, away from the bulk of the band. That may be sideways, up, or both. Elevated monitors generally work better than on the floor, esp. for the type of sound/information we're delivering and monitoring.

4. The biggest help I see a monitor for, is to keep the excitable caller from getting too loud, (you know, when trying to "drag" that one dancer or couple around the set. <grin>)

It also can help keep one from unintentionally becoming too quiet. Other than for those purposes I can get by without one, at least for the sake of simplicity. They are nice.

Pushed on the subject I'd rather have a wireless mic.

I suppose as hearing myself in the monitor is no guarantee of what I sound like in the house.

Cheers, John
J.D. Erskine
Victoria, BC

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