In remembrance of our dear Linda Leslie, and in partial thanks to all who have 
been so kind to me since her passing, I'd like to share two contra dances that 
you may not have in your collections, that were written for (not by) Linda 

I wrote "Fun Dance for Linda" fourteen years ago, and first called it on May 
15, 2004. I think it truly is a fun dance, and so did Linda, but I called it 
infrequently - whenever Linda was on the dance floor, and I was on stage, and 
those gigs were few and far between. I thank Lisa Greenleaf for including "Fun 
Dance for Linda" at Linda's celebration of life at the Concord Scout House on 
May 20. There are no circle-left figures in this lively and upbeat dance, which 
makes it a nice choice at times to drop into an otherwise-circly program.

FUN DANCE FOR LINDA (for Linda Leslie)
Bob Golder
Duple Improper
Two swings, Partner & Neighbor (P. & N.)

A1) Gents Allemande Left 1-1/2 (face P. ) / Half Hey (pass P. by R. to start)

A2) Partner Balance & Swing (end facing N. across set; give inside hand to N. - 
gents R. hand, ladies L. hand)

B1) (With N.) Inside-Hand Balance; Star Through / (Same 4) Ring Balance, Twirl 
to the Right

B2) (Same) Neighbor Balance & Swing

An earlier dance, written for Linda Leslie by Danish dance leader Frede Olsen, 
is "Linda's Surprise." My notes show that I first called it in 1998. There are 
several surprises, the first of which was that Linda didn't know that Frede had 
written a dance in her honor until he announced it from the stage. Another 
surprise is that the full hey for four travels beautifully across the musical 
phrase from the end of the A2 into the beginning of the B1. The transition is 
smooth as silk when the band plays romantic reels. Still another surprise is 
that although there are two swings, they are both danced with one's partner. 
Linda liked the dance but did not often call it because she worried about 
dancers who might be stuck with a less-than-satisfactory partner. I loved to 
call the dance because it is so beautiful and was written for Linda. For 
brevity I use here Frede's original instruction to "gypsy." Please substitute 
your preferred term when calling the dance.

LINDA'S SURPRISE (for Linda Leslie)
Frede Olsen
Two swings, both with Partner

A1) Ladies Gypsy by the Right (once, and a little bit more) / Partner Swing

A2) Gents Gypsy by the Left (once around; face P.) / Begin full Hay, passing by 
R. shoulder to start

B1) Continue the full Hay for Four / Partner Swing

B2) Long Lines Forward & Back / Circle Left once around, Slide Left to new N.'s

To these dances written for Linda Leslie may be added Don Veino's "¡Que 
Linda!," which he shared on this list in April. Enjoy! … Bob Golder

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