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I just put this together as i wanted a dance with just right & left through. I'm sure somebody already wrote this and I probably have it....somewhere...thx in advance.

A1- N bal swg
A2- R&L thru (courtesy turn) O/B
B1- in the ring Bal & Petronella 2X
B2- P swg; pass thru to NN

Thanks everyone.
Mary Collins

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*Beginner dances withR and L thruONLY*

*Road to California*trad




Music: Road to California – on Ptlnd. Col.CD 3 (don’t have 01 09)

A11^st man and 1^st girl cross over the set to the place below and face out; all join hands down each line and dancers balance. All turn with right hand once round and balance in line again.

A2All turn with left hand once round and then 1^st couple meet in the centre of the set and swing.

B11^st couple down the centre, back and cast round 2^nd couple who move up [progression]

B2Right and left through

 The Tourist

     By Ted Sannella <http://ted_sannella.html>

Improper contra

       A1Ones go down the outside and back

       A2Ones do si do; all four circle left

       B1balance and swing on the side

       B2half promenade across the set

       half right and left through


*After the Solstice*Lisa Geenleaf



A1 (16) DSD Neighbor and Swing

A2 (8) For & Back; (8) Men Allem L 1-1/2

B1 (16) Bal & Swing Partner

B2 (8) 1/2 R&L;(8) Circle L 3/4 pass through

*Root Beer /Float/*

[/Root Beer Reel**/ADAPTED to teach right and left through]

Original dance by Christine Hale
Improper duple minor

*A1*(8) Long lines forward & back
(8) Circle right

*A2*(8) Star left (same direction)
(8) Circle left

*B1*(8) Neighbor do-si-do
(8) Neighbor swing, face across


*Signs of Spring*by Roberta Kogut (March 2003)



A1:  Do-Si-Do Neighbor, Swing Neighbor

A2:  Ladies Do-Si-Do, Gents Allemande Left 1½

B1:  Balance and Swing Partner

B2:  Rights & Lefts, Circle Left ¾ and Pass thru up and down

*Washington Quickstep*- Traditional Contra Dance*CAN BE GF*
duple improper

Music: JIGPalm Sunday (jig); Da Full Rigged Ship (Shetland jig)

Tempo: dotted quarter note = Metronome Marking 120

*/Nice dance for learning Actives / COUPLE ONES/*

*/And for practicing being OUT ON THE ENDS/*

A1 Star Right
Star Left
A2 Active couple down the middle
Turn alone, come back, cast off with inactives
B1 Right and Left Through (across set)
Right and Left back
B2 Long lines forward and back
Active couple Swing(end facing down, towards next couple)

*Monday*by Jim Hemphill



A1 Neighbor allemande right once and a half
     Men allemande left once and a half
A2 Partner Gypsy,  then swing
B1 Circle left 3 places
     Neighbor swing
B2 Right left thru
     Star left

*Ted Under the Tent*by Glen Morninstar



A1Neighbor balance and box the gnat

Neighbor swing

A2Gents cross the set to your partner; swing

B1Right and Left through; over and back

B2Circle Left 1X; twos arch, ones go thru

/When I want to focus on teaching courtesy turns, I begin with Right and Left Through dances. When I need more than these for our monthly dances, I look for dances having a full Ladies Chain, then see if the flow of the dance works with a simple substitution of Rights and Lefts./

/Happy dancing!     Karin/

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