Something new perhaps? I wrote this recently, trying to avoid the
ubiquitous half figure 8 figure:

It's Good to be Number Two
Duple, Proper

A1: Second corners balance LH and swat the flea (8), and allemande left
once or twice (8);
A2: Partners meltdown swing (16), end facing across;
B1: Balance the ring and petronella (8), neighbors swing (8), end facing
B2: Balance the ring (4), gents roll their neighbors away with a half
sashay (4), twos (ONLY!) swing (8), end facing new ones.

Title is a little sardonic. If you want, you could call it Composition 156.
I also second QuiAnn2's endorsement of Indigo Silk.


On Mon, Mar 4, 2019 at 4:51 PM Don Veino via Callers <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been assigned the opening slot at this year's 2019 New England Folk
> Festival (NEFFA) for my session:
> "Keepin' It Proper Contras - It's not all about improper contras! Dances
> from times past to the present set in a proper form."
> Soooo... what proper dances have you found to be particular favorites with
> dancers and amenable in a large hall "some experience" (non-advanced
> dancer) setting? I'd appreciate your suggestions.
> Thanks,
> Don
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