Hi All,

              Recently two situations started me thinking about formations.
Firstly, three different times, in different places, with different people,
the topic came up of why so many dance sessions consisted of a single
formation: "Longways for as many as will", also known as "contra lines".


              Secondly, there was a long discussion on one of the forums
about how much space is needed for a dance.  All the replies, without
exception, assumed that it was the space required for longways sets! There
was just one brief comment at the bottom of one post acknowledging that
other formations might have different space requirements.


              So, I did some research and made a Web page:


              I list over EIGHTY different formations, with sample dances
(including links to instructions or videos) for every formation.


              I hope you find it useful, and maybe you will try
choreographing, calling or dancing a different formation.


              Please let me know of any additions, corrections, comments,




            Happy dancing,                          



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