Beats out the Farmall Tractors’ square dance easily! I’m ashamed to even 
compare them.

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> I'd like to share this because I think it's really fun. 
> Several months ago, I was approached by the coaches of a Theater on Ice team 
> about helping put together a program for their 2018-19 Choreographic 
> Challenge, which was to showcase cultural dance. Burlington's team, "On Thin 
> Ice" wanted to do a contra dance on ice. 
> There were various restrictions; style and historic elements that they wanted 
> included, coverage of the ring, movement on the ice, etc. What they generated 
> is not a contra dance, but does showcase several elements of a contra dance, 
> and they do it on ice. 
> You can check out their performance at 
> <>  
> It was a learning experience for me, and a fun exercise in deconstructing and 
> putting things back together with different constraints. For instance, they 
> needed percussive elements in the choreography; I'd originally tried to sell 
> them on petronellas; but they all balked at the turning over "outside edges" 
> on skates (a harder feat). 
> It's the first time I've every had folks dance to recorded calls, but they 
> wanted them to add to the feeling of a contra (and I won't be travelling with 
> them to nationals in Alabama this June). 
> As a side not, for historical reasons relating to how their program would be 
> judged, I used the term gypsy instead of my preference of an alternative. I 
> still think they do a wonderful job of bringing contra dance to a different 
> corner of the world. 
> When I went to my first contra dance, I'd never have guessed where it would 
> take me. Here's to more fun memories and interesting experiences in this 
> community and others. 
> -- 
> Luke Donforth
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