Since it was written on St. George's Day, how about "A Dance With Dragons"?

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Hi All,
Whilst on a walk with my dogs recently enjoying the remarkably good weather we have in the UK at the moment, I ended up writing a dance in my head that I thought might be quite nice. Well after a bit of refinement, it seems to work nicely (although I haven’t tried it out with a big group of dancers yet). At the moment It is called ’St George’s Day Contra’ for the simple reason that it is St Georges day on Tuesday and I couldn’t think of a better name for it, but I am hoping that one will pop into my head soon.
Please let me know what you think.

Longways: 1s Improper



(16) Neighbour balance & swing



(8) Lines forward & back; (8) Ladies allemande RH _WHILST_ gents orbit CW and loop wide ^*1 to flow into…



(16) Partner balance & swing



(8) Promenade across {ladies passing R} ^*2 ; (6) Circle L ¾; (2) Pass through.



*1 Gents cross the set and turn R wide so that it uses up all the music and it will flow into the balance & swing. *2 Ladies need to pass R shoulder so that you turning R as a unit and it should flow nicely into the circle L ¾.

P.S Here is a link to the music I have used, It’s on Spotify so whether everyone will be able to get it, I don’t know

Many Thanks,
Liam Binley. <>

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