About a month ago, I asked for help and suggestions because I was calling a 
dance for visually impaired students. Thank you to all who responded. Well, the 
dance was last Saturday. The students ranged in age from 8-17. Many of the 
partnerships contained two visually impaired dancers. We started with a big 
circle dance with basic figures and without a progression. They did really well 
with the basics. We did the Snake dance and since the room had two doors 
opening out to a deck we took advantage of going outside during the dance. We 
danced Les Salute, Seven Jumps (modified version so we didn't have to lay on 
the floor), Bridge Dance, the Chicken dance, and ended with the Snake dance 
again because the kids loved that one. When we spiraled into the middle, they 
kept yelling, "Let's see how tight we can get it!" It was so much fun seeing 
all the smiles and I was told, it was the best Saturday evening activity in all 
the years they have had the Snowshoe Weekend. I found that they did best with 
large circles, no progression, and no specific partner. I hope to be able to 
dance with these kids again and try something maybe a little more challenging 
with them. Unfortunately, due to privacy concerns I am unable to share 
pictures. The photos did make me tear up. In all my years of calling, this was 
one of the best, funnest, and most rewarding gigs.

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