Things I like about this dance:  In the first four phrases the circle left and 
circle rights are separated with forward and backs.Also the whole B part is 
four phrases with a single partner - get to know you - flirt - engage.  Plus 
two phrases to swing.
And as the comment says, the medley of  known American tunes makes it 
I've had this dance saved, along with other right mixers, for a long time.  
Tho' most times I just make up what works for circles
and for longways on site, I do check the folder beforehand to refresh myself of 
all the possible ingredients.
Bob LivingstonMiddletown, CT  

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Hi Rich,

              I would just call it a “Big Set Mixer”.  It is a slight variation 
of the one in the Community Dances Manual.  Callers just make up a 32 bar 
sequence that works for their dancers.


              While it is a good example of all ages having fun together, I 
really wish callers would teach the dancers just a tiny bit about how to do 
better hand/arm turns and swings :-)


            Happy dancing,                          



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Rich, No idea but here's the link put back together again:


Traditional English Barn Dance - YouTube

Ceilidh Dance Berlin - Spring Session 2015 Music: Fiddlers 3 - Sounds like a 
Square Dance!



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Can anyone put the title to this dance from the web?


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