My understanding is that Lynn adapted Ron Beeson's dance, Apple Pie Quadrille, 
by changing B2 into a can't-fail circle progression from a "Devil's Backbone" 

I'm going to guess that Nils called it at a dance and somebody misattributed 
the dance to him and got the name wrong.

Here's the notation Ridge Kennedy posted for Apple Pie Quadrille on the 
trad-dance-callers list:

Ron Beeson (via Ridge Kennedy)
Four Facing Four

Called by Kathy Anderson at Buffalo gap 2002
Ask for lively music that's a bit silly to suit the dance.

A-1  Lines of Four, Forward and Back
    (Reminder - this is original direction!) (8)

    Center Four (dancers in the middle of each line of four):
    Star Right Once Around      (8)

A-2 Partners Allemande Left Once and a Half              (8)

    Ends (Original ends of each line of four, now Center Four)
    Star Right Once Around (8)

B-1 Partners balance and swing (16)

B-2 "End Man" (Man on left end of line):Lead back over left shoulder to
     invert line.  Lead around the *other* end of the other line and all
     face original direction and a new line of four. (16)

Notes: Tricky Part: Leading the line back and around is counter-intuitive.
End man starts turning in opposite direction that his line is progressing.

Original dance:

A-1     Lines forward and back (8)      All do sa do opposite dancer    (8)
A-2     Centre four star right (8)      All allemande left with partner x 3/2   
B-1     New centre four star right (8)  All swing partners      (8)
B-2     Circle left all eight once round                (16)
C-1     The left hand man casts left taking his line around the other line
to face the next line           (16)

-- Alan

On 5/29/2019 5:36 PM, Liz Burkhart via Callers wrote:
I have found two identical dances. First I collected Coconut Cream Puff by Nils 
Fredland, then I lost the card, and in the process of looking for it online, 
discovered Coconut Cream Pie by Lynn Ackerson. It is the same dance:

4 Facing 4
A1 Lines of 4 go forward and back
     middles star R once
A2 Partner allemande L 1 1/2
     new middles star R once
B1 Partner balance & swing
B2 All 8 circle L 1/2 (4 places)
     Balance ring, partner California twirl

So who really wrote it? Does anyone know why there are two names and two 
choreographers attributed?

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